Are you the person who:

  • Wants to build confidence in the gym?

  • Feel less intimidated by exercise?

  • Enjoy your training & see results?

  • Build a solid foundation of health and fitness?!

We got you!

We are the experts at helping people get what they want

We deliver these results through:

  • Personal Training

  • Group Training

  • Nutrition

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Personal Training is great for those who:

  • Are new to exercise

  • Have specific goals 

  • Like 1 on 1 care and attention

  • Have plateaued in their training

  • Need an extra push and motivation

  • Are working around an injury, pregnancy or postpartum


Group Training is great for those who:

  • Enjoy structure and routine

  • Want to be held accountable

  • Love to workout with mates

  • Love watching others succeed 

  • Love the community atmosphere

  • Are not motivated to workout solo

  • Want to be encouraged & motivated by those around you

You can view our timetable and book your first session here:




Nutrition Coaching is great for those who:

  • Tried every 'diet' under the sun

  • Need assistance unlearning poor habits

  • Are frustrated with nutrition & their efforts

  • Want knowledge & power to chose the right foods for YOU

  • Want guidance with calories, macro and micronutrients

  • Are just not sure where to start when it comes to their eating habits!

You can book your free initial consult here:

We are a community based gym nestled in the Perth Hills.
Focusing on Strengthening, Sculpting and Sweating,  
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