Eating 1,200 calories and not seeing the results you want?

Eating 1,200 calories and not seeing the results you want?

You are going to burn yourself to the ground!

There can be a host of reasons why you are not losing weight.

The most common one is that you are eating more than you think. We also need to take into account your personal history with dieting, your hormones, medications, metabolism issues, thyroid function and more.

Symptoms of eating too low calories / restricting calories too much:

- Lack of movement. Your body is a smarty pants and will essentially force you to rest to conserve energy. You will fidget less, not be motivated to take the dogs for a walk or go to the gym

- Not eating enough is a stress on the body, which means you are more likely to be run down, tired, recover poorly from exercise, become sick more often and have a low libido

- Your body gets used to it's new 'normal'. Being in any deficit of calories for a prolonged time, your body reduces the metabolic burn used daily. In short, you burn less calories doing the same day to day stuff you were doing weeks before, as your body aims to conserve any energy and 'hold' onto any food that isn't used (you know when you go on a diet, then go back to 'normal' eating and you seem to put MORE weight back on, this is why. Your body is in fight or flight mode and will hold onto fat stores as it doesn't know when you are going to starve it again)

How to have a successful weight loss journey:

- GIVE YOURSELF TIME! Yes, this needs to be in capital letters! we are so used to getting everything NOW, so please understand it takes to for your body to relax, understand and be okay with losing fat. Shock it too hard and it will freak the fuck out. Slow and steady really does win the race

- Change your habits FIRST before you think about changing up your food too much. This could be: Prepping more home cooked meals, drinking water in between each glass of wine, relaxing with a kombucha instead of a beer. making healthier alternatives to your fav foods., Eat at least 1 vegetable at each meal

- Nourish and move your body out of LOVE for it, not hate. This one is so important! Your body is the vessel you're with FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. Would you treat your son or daughters body how you treat your own? You are on the right track when this answer to this is YES

- Get a nutrition coach to help you through this journey! It seriously is a game changer when you have someone to guide you through each phase of your journey. Whether it be weight loss, a complete lifestyle overhaul, being more consistent with your food or making better choices

That's where I come in 👋

If you want help or have any questions, reach out to me! or check out 😘

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