Change the narrative - Holding space for yourself

Routine - What is it and what expectations do we put on ourselves to stick to a routine?

Especially when it comes to exercise. It's all planned out on Sunday night. "I'll go to the gym Mon, Wed, Fri and go for a run Tuesday and Thursday and then XYZ... you get the jist.

It's all good and well, but I think we also need to CHANGE TO NARRATIVE. We want to HOLD SPACE FOR OURSELVES. Not do XYZ. If we 'fail' at not sticking to our routine, it all goes out the window and we think fuck this!

But it's not you, it's the expectation. Instead of saying I want to exercise on X, Y and Z, change the narrative to say, I want to hold SPACE for MYSELF at these times. You are still spending time on YOU, that part doesn't change.

It changes the way you perceive what you think is expected of you and/or your body. If you are super sore and don't want to go the the gym, that is okay! BUT, still hold that space for yourself. Read a book for that hour, stretch, meditate, go for a walk, sleep in, have a bath, have a coffee in peace, go and get a massage. Anything that you will feel fulfilled about afterwards. Remember it is okay (and you should!) hold space for yourself everyday, to do these small but impactful things for YOU Coach Loz xxx

Coming from someone that has struggled with this concept for a long time, and is now only realising not listening to my body may be the reason I now have Hashimoto's Disease

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