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Calcium is great for:

Bone density


Heart health

Your teeth

Absorbing Vitamin D

Foods that contain calcium:

🥦Dark, leafy greens

🍽Chia seeds

🥛Yoghurt/ cheese/ dairy


⚠️ Watch out for absorption ⚠️

When combined with other nutrients, Calcium decreases absorption of itself and other nutrients including:

Iron & Magnesium

To increase absorption, eat with Vitamin D, like eggs.

🥤Pick the right calcium supplement.

I strongly recommend always trying to get your calcium through food.

Women's and men's RDI is 1,000mg, with this number increasing as you get older, 50+, to 1,300mg

If a supplement is needed go for Citrate or Carbonate Calcium and take this away from any Magnesium/ iron supplements

Want more healthy tips and support specifically to you?

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