Who We're For

Do you feel like it's time to make health and fitness a priority?

Are you wanting a community who will support you, and join you on the journey?

If these sound good, 'Sixty7Six Fitness' just might be the right fit for you. 

We Make It Easy

The process is simple, show up and we'll guide you through the rest. 


Our belief is that getting started is the only hurdle. Once you're with us we've got your back! 

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Benefits For You

  • Get your confidence back. 

  • Build a strong healthy Body

  • Enjoy exercising the right way

  • Meet new friends who are on the same path as you

  • Feel full of energy again!

Group Training

Improve Together

Enjoy training with a group of local faces who, just like you want to be healthy and happy

Hugely varied workouts, all programmed for you. Show up and we do the rest!

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Community First

Support Eachother

Make new friends, grow together. Enjoying the company of those you train with really makes all the difference. Don't just come to train, come to have a laugh and some fun too!

Nutrition Guidance

Eat Well

Learn how to eat well the right way! No crash diets, no detoxing, changing habits step by step to fuel a healthy body. 

What our members say...

Sixty7Six Fitness

We help every day people make lifelong changes for themselves and their family. We offer group fitness in Walliston, Nutrition coaching and a supportive community.  

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